Sports massage is a particular massage designed for use before, during and after sporting activities and as a preventative strategy against injuries. Sports massage works on soft tissue, stimulates blood circulation and increases cellular exchange thereby aiding the muscle to overcome fatigue, injury and muscle spasm.

Sports massage won't make an athlete stronger but willl help minimise muscular inhibitions thereby allowing the athlete to maximisde his/her potential. The major components of a sports massage program are: - pre-event massage, post-event massage, training injury prevention massage and a stretching routine.


A Sports Trainer is a member of an athlete's support staff who is committed to helping improve athletic performance and in making sport safer. The Sports Trainer is required to provide information to sports people in respect to:

  • 1. The health and physical excellence of the sportsperson
  • 2. The performance of the sportsperson
  • 3. The education and development of the sportsperson eg nutrition
  • 4. Decision making in relation to the sportsman eg team selection
  • 5. Sports first aid and critical care of the sportsperson
At Activelife Massage Therapy my experience in Sports Massage and Sports Injuries is diverse, including international level (Melbourne & Gold Coast Commonwealth Games), AFL footballers, (mens & womens) national indoor cricket titles, triathlon events and local sporting activities.

Denis Liuzzi of Active Life Massage Therapies has been servicing the Sunbury area for over 9 years. He offers massage, alternative therapies, aromatherapy, corporate massage, workplace massage, skelital mobilization,joint mobility, better health programs, sports masseur. To help with injury treatment, sports injury, relaxation, headache, pregnancy, consipation, back pain, deep tissue massage, circulation, chronic pain, depression, high blood pressure, sciatica, fibromylgia, tendonitis and migraine. As a Certificate IV masseuse Denis Liuzzi can offer relaxation, spa, seated, pregnancy, theraputic, sports and stress relief massage. Using oils, aromatherapy, seaweed wraps you will be pampered, indulged and relaxed, why not buy a gift certificate for someone special. Massage has been practiced as a healing tradition in many cultures for thousands of years. Modern studies show that massage in its many forms can assist in the treatment of muscle soreness, sports injuries, lower back pain, stress and anxiety.